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How did I end up in Adis Ababa?

When the PA at the consultancy firm I worked at in the early 2000’s introduced me to one of the directors, with the words, “He wants to send you around the world,” I was a little taken aback to discover they meant Ethiopia. Brought up in the eighties, I’m ashamed to...

December Round up

Hi There! It’s been a busy writing year for the Morrall’s… Not least because my sister/Clare’s daughter delivered two baby boys late in November. It seems less important right now, but in writing news, Clare Morrall’s the MUSEUM OF DIARIES was released on Audio...
A Review of Luciano’s Lee SE12

A Review of Luciano’s Lee SE12

The biggest concern in Luciano’s, as we sat on the Burnt Ash Road, warding off insistent sunshine, and occasionally seat swapping to escape it, was whether we should order mussels in arrabbiata sauce or lemon. When we eventually received the mussels in arrabbiata...