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I don’t normally get to go out for breakfast these days, one Tuesday off work and it was all going wrong. An early eating out treat seemed the only way to reset. I had first come across the Boston Tea party in Exeter, which was a huge room upstairs of second hand leather sofas, that (on the condition you ordered) was an shabby chic palace in which to relax, so I was intrigued to visit the Stratford Upon Avon branch. This high ceilinged room, with old school chairs, was a little less relaxing but just as fun. 

The menu was all a bit of a maze of sweetcorn fritters, seasonal greens and other delights that told me that these guys know that bacon eggs and pancakes is not enough to drag us away from most of our own kitchens, when I realised that the knack is to order something simple from the main list… and then add extras!

 So I started with the sustainable alternative to avocado toast, which was waaaaay better than avocado toast in its slimey laxativity. All the flavours of smashed pea almond and edamame, making for a much more satisfying breakfast, along with poached eggs and an exceptionally expensive side of mushrooms (2.85, a whole ten pee more than the sausage…) All accompanied by a refreshing oolong tea, for which the pot was smaller than the cup it came it.

Seeing as this was a really ‘day gone wrong’ brunch, I did not hold back, ordering a smoothie – and just perfectly this arrived while brekkie was still cooking, satisfying my 9:30 weekday morning. And these did not appear to be the packet smoothies available at every other cafe. Maybe they add the fruit at the end to pretend, but there was a stub of mango at the very end of my mango lassi.

As I have oft stated, a proper brunch is not brunch unless it is accompanied by cake.. so obviously this selection drew me in… But the gluten free coffee and walnut cake proved to be the only disappointment of a very good visit, veering between sticky (all good) and too dry. (More on there mor cakes on my next visit…)

Not cheap, should come on prescription for moody Tuesdays. 

If you’re new to my blog, you may not know that in addition to being a published food reviewer, I am also a novelist – reviewed in the national press and artist. My most popular novel, at the moment is ADRIFT – THE STORYTELLER & THE MOSACIST