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Bernie falls in love with Robin

Got to tell you something about Robin. We’ve spoken again. I made the effort to call him, let him know about a class reunion but he was in the middle of something, walking between a meeting, could give me five minutes of his breathless time. It’s just a suspicion, but...

Meeting Freddie

Then there was the white hospital – bright lights – why was it that the whole world seemed to be offering this sharp light everywhere? Tall hospital doors. Then coloured rooms – nursery rooms, ‘A Picture For Mummy’ papered rooms – little red chairs. Then pale rooms...
Boston Tea Party- pure breakfast bliss

Boston Tea Party- pure breakfast bliss

I don’t normally get to go out for breakfast these days, one Tuesday off work and it was all going wrong. An early eating out treat seemed the only way to reset. I had first come across the Boston Tea party in Exeter, which was a huge room upstairs of second hand...