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Got to tell you something about Robin. We’ve spoken again. I made the effort to call him, let him know about a class reunion but he was in the middle of something, walking between a meeting, could give me five minutes of his breathless time.

It’s just a suspicion, but it’s rippling clearer in my head, day by day. Robin, he’s radiant. He’s creating again.

All this networking, this chatting with PR, it’s got its buzz when it starts, but it’s not what Robin is, my magician, it’s not what Robin is. It’s hibernation at the end of the day.

I can see him, hoarding stories like acorns, letting some of them slip into oak trees. He’s doing what his long long legs were meant to lead to. There’s a new idea in there, in his head, spilling into conversations, scribbled notes, photographs; and if I know Robin, it will be something completely different.

His mosaic next to Zero Bar is going to be like ash in comparison to his new sparks. I daydream about the cogs, the shafts the furnace rocking into life with that first heavy definite thump, an ache of life and another thump, the next quicker. Red hot coals and a swarm of salsa-ing sparks.

I peered harder into his world. All the beautiful things I knew about the labyrinth, the city, his discoveries, were all ingrained in his first mosaic. Where did he find his energies from? Not these. He must see how everything moves, from journeys overseas; shifts in relationships to ants scurrying underneath the every day, electrons soaring around nuclei, to find so much dynamism all of the time, a Prussian doll of dynamisms. Robin’s found all the layers and is about to start adding them together. Where from? Where from?

Has Robin fallen in love? No. Well, maybe. His other muses have long flown, the space is there waiting for ‘the one’. It could explain his awakening, ease of accomplishment.

“So what’s going on in your life at the moment?” I ask him down the phone.

“Oh, everything. We must catch up sometime. Sorry I can’t make the reunion.” There is the sound of a swinging door. “Look, Berns. I’ve got to go. I’ll call you back.” Robin soars off.

A bit later, he sent me a text. “This amazing thing has happened with my mosaic – it’s going to be part of something big. I’ll explain soon.”

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