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Why do I ask…? Because one of the characters, Kara, in my new novel is obsessed with maths.


Whether you refer to it as “math” or “maths,” I believe it has a powerful influence in our lives. Can maths really be beautiful? Even the most stunning computer-generated images are composed solely of binary code, representing one of the narrowest paths mathematics can take.


Mathematics governs the rules that propel Earth around the sun, cause stars to pulsate, and even explain the graceful flow of water or the delicate order of  a flower’s petals following the Fibonacci sequence.


Consider the meticulously crafted little propellers in the photo above that were made by a friend. Their structure isinspired by the Fibonacci sequence. They exemplify the intricate relationship between mathematics and nature.

Have I managed to pique your interest? If so, I’d be delighted to share more details about my novel at a later time.


Please let me know your thoughts on mathematics on social media below (the comments block on this page is currently broken)

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