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One of the characters in ADRIFT has recently arrived back in the UK from abroad…

“Thirteen hours of high altitude, elasticated socks and menus on a yellow card.” 

“Jet lagged?” 

“And…” he began, leaving the word lingering, as if unsure whether or not to follow it up. “They say, when you come back, that things might not be normal, straightaway.” He pulled a palm across his face as if it would bring him into normality. “Just, all those sights. I close my eyes and I see faded posters for the Sheraton and Hilton at passport control posters for the Sheraton and hear the hum of insects in the hot crisp darkness.” He blinked slowly.

Again I had to nod him into continuing.

“The crescent of the moon lies on its back out on the other side of the equator. That’s what I see when I close my eyes, the moon upside down in a red sky over the eucalyptus lined hills and mountains” He rolled his shoulders and looked at his phone as if to stop himself rambling. “I suppose that here never felt that normal either, to be honest.”

From the writer of the ‘Engaging and Uplifting’ (Daily Mail) HELEN AND THE GRANDBEES, artist Alex Morrall explores themes of love and isolation in her novella, ADRIFT – The Storyteller & The Mosaicist.

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