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Hi There!

It’s been a busy writing year for the Morrall’s… Not least because my sister/Clare’s daughter delivered two baby boys late in November.

It seems less important right now, but in writing news, Clare Morrall’s the MUSEUM OF DIARIES was released on Audio book… Listen to a clip here: And to let you into a secret, I’ve been reading her pending novel ‘The Art of Disappearing’ about a small group who decide to opt out of their lives in the space COVID gives them, and it’s great.

Alex Morrall’s HELEN AND THE GRANDBEES was released in the US and NZ following it’s UK release to acclaim, described as ‘Uplifting and Engaging’ by the national press and currently running 4.5 Amazon stars. Link to buy:

And we both prepared an anthology REMEMBERING NOT TO BREATHE, of our short stories… shocking me with just how many times I need to double check whether I am spelling breath/breathe. Does anyone else have this problem?


And… The newest news so far, my novella ADRIFT, about a young woman who holds back from love due to a family tragedy, is due to be released early March. There is a small opportunity for review copies, so drop me a line if that appeals.

If you’ve read any of these books, please click on the links above with your reviews. This really helps me reach new readers.

What have you enjoyed reading this year?