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A Review of Bourtanical,

Bourton on the water

While there are many waterside locations in Bourton On The Water, almost all of them offered burgers, burgers with a twist, burgers that are a bit bigger than other burgers and… lasagne. I am not a burger fan. Sorry. It’s a sensitive subject. No correspondence will be entered into.

And hence we found ourselves in the very attractive and spotlessly clean interior of Bourtanicals. It was the smoothie menu that caught our eye first. In particular, the blackcurrant and clotted cream smoothie. What a combo promised, tart fruit in rich waves of fatty creaminess (does it get more solid than clotted cream?) and vitamin C to boot.

For one worried moment, I thought I saw the barista brandishing a bottle of Ribena, and had to check of the waitress, “Are they real blackcurrants?”

Blackcurrant and clotted cream smoothie

“Yes” she answered, without hesitation or needing to ‘check with the chef’.

Feeling on a roll, now I felled compelled to continue, “and that’s actual clotted cream?” Not even the slightly healthier and possibly more drinkable double cream.

“Yes,” came the same certainty.

We were relieved, and indeed, when the smoothie arrived it did appear to be the heart attack in a glass that had been promised… but would my husband be able to eat his lunch after that?

His pie had a lovely authenticity with its rustic, homemade appearing crust. Apparently the broccoli was really nice (?) – something about the dressing, and yes, my husband did have to lie down for quite a while when we got home.

As for my vegetarian all day breakfast… hmm…  I sometimes pick vegetarian dishes, not because I am vegetarian, but because someone has had to go to the effort to make them more interesting. It wasn’t that the dish was bad, it was more that the key to flavour was fat. Even the mushrooms appeared to have been deep-fried rather than sautéed. That said, the experience as a whole was a very enjoyable one.

If you’re new to my blog, you may not know that in addition to being a published food reviewer, I am also a novelist – reviewed in the national press and artist. My most popular novel, at the moment is ADRIFT – THE STORYTELLER & THE MOSACIST .

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