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Adrift, the Storyteller & The Mosaicst

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The neatness after the tragedy. The emptied room and crisp cleaned sheets.

I loved loving Robin, holding onto that glassy altruism. But I was the storyteller. Complete as my love was, I didn’t have a right to it.

Bernie is plunged into turmoil when her step-brother is born, too vulnerable to leave; too vulnerable to risk loving. And she is confused when she falls in love in with mosaicist Robin, his soulful artworks and tales of Ethiopia.

All this, because a family tragedy has left her resolved to remain adrift from emotional attachment.

Against her own instincts, she pushes her father away to his new wife and she pushes Robin away into the arms of a mutual friend. But as she reaches the pinnacle of her desired isolation she realises she might have made a mistake. Can she learn to trust in a human connection that might just let her down?

From the coast to the vibrant London of the early 2000’s, follow Bernie’s journey choosing between love and isolation. CLICK HERE:

From the writer of the ‘Engaging and Uplifting’ (Daily Mail) HELEN AND THE GRANDBEES, artist Alex Morrall explores themes of love and isolation in her novella, Adrift.

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..then ADRIFT is a novel you will enjoy