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You all keep asking where the pictures are. And I’m meant to be an artist so there’s something wrong, right? Here i present my Q&A, questions posted for the artist by the artist on the subject of: “Why no pictures?”
Why would an artist use a standard header picture from wordpress?
What can I say? I have one visual part of the brain, and one wordy part of my brain, and never the twain shall meet. (yes – pendants, I know that’s a misquote.)
Fortunately for a food blogger, my wordy part of the brain connects well with my eating side. Frankly if my eating side did not connect well with other things, I would struggle with most every day tasks.
Why don’t I paint a picture of Blackheath and use it as my header?
Because dear reader, Blackheath is twee. This is not an insult to the village that I love to pop into (quite regularly as you may have noticed from this blog), but this is not the sort of art that I do. Maybe one day I will see an angle or a light that suits my style actually on the heath, but this is yet to occur, and even if it does there is no guarantee it will work as a header or suit my blog. See my commentary on my painting of the Champs Elysees at for my philosophy on how I paint something already famous or definably beautiful.
If you’re still not happy, I’m sure I have Constable’s phone number around here somewhere for you.
Surely I should do a montage of all my paintings or photos of the village as a header.
Sorry, you wanted something more verbose? Well, let me put it this way: if you find any montage anywhere that you think looks nice – not to mention arty, fun, draws you in, adds value… please post the link in the comments below and I will see if they will sell me the copyright.
I promise that I will try and upload an iphone pic to any further reviews.
Short version of this blog: My writing isn’t good enough for you? Go buy yourselves ladybird books.