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There has been an odd entwining of my writing side and my slightly out of step side… the extra time in the day without the commute, the extra worry… I am turning into ‘disgusted from Tunbridge Wells’

Maybe not disgusted, maybe concerned. 

Or disturbed

Or just bored

I’ve been tweeting my concerns at everyone, regardless of who’s listening. @theguardian, did you realise that by saying NHS staff th,,,

@GrantaBooks you’re advertising 99p books that are coming through Amazon as £7

@GreenwichCouncil The bins, the bins Esmerelda!

@IPCC how come there are photos of the police shoulder to shoulder?

I don’t think that in these instances  I am any more annoyed than I might normally be. It’s just that my previous, “I should mention that,” would have got lost in the daily commute, in the daily franticness., (I have a different standard for missing deliveries that does involve fury, and fury is not the purpose of the blog, so I shan’t tell you here.)

Have you pre-ordered my novel “Helen and the Grandbees” yet?

 Don’t wait for publication date… there might be a run on books by then!

Helen and the Grandbees by Alex Morrall