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I’m sure that you are getting all the same WFH advice that i am… My office‘s top tip was to tell me to schedule a workout everyday to counter any isolation associated with working from home. How’re you getting on with that? Weightlifting tinned beans by any chance? Or just toilet rolls?

Before yesterday’s advice, I was meeting this requirement by cycling into the office (less risky than the train) discovering I was the only one that bothered to come in, and then feeling silly for that (although a good deal safer) and coming back to WFH for lunchtime so that I felt less silly. 

On the other hand, I did have a window seat in the office which I am missing now that I have returned to my Victorian terrace. That window seat and the wonderful flooding sunlight that everyone got annoyed about and closed the blinds to was worth its weight in bike riding. Not to mention the relatively small pots of hand sanitizer dotted around with post it notes advising us not to pocket them… (surely no one… ?)

Hand sanitizer is seeming a little less important now.

PS this week has been made significantly pleasanter by a very good, hard-working diligent friend who went above and beyond to invite us to dinner of African food on Sunday, cancelled because of Coronavirus and then distribute it amongst all of his guests anyway. Thanks Suraj!

PPS – all of twitter is awash with requests as to what to read over the social isolation. Err… My novel ‘Helen and the Grandbees’ duh!