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If you are greedy like me, the first thing you’ll to know about this restaurant for catering students is that they force two starters on you. They come to take your order and tell you that you are having two starters. I am sure that you could put a stop this if you wanted, but you know, who would?

In our case this was mushroom and tarragon veloute (soup to me) and satay chicken. The latter disappeared in a wave of magic. Actually, bearing in mind soup often bores me, this also magically disappeared along with the house wine which was a terrifically priced £8 per carafe (carafes – ahh.)

Mushroom veloute
What I call soup

Not that alcohol free options weren’t available… my Orange Mojito was brilliant, full of the astringent lime to offset the absence of the booze. For One. Pound. Fifty.

The main event was the pork next to fondant potato with a marvellous slice of pork crackling which my husband kept picking up in wonder, saying, this is better than his pork scratching efforts. (Husband is pork-crackling-chef in our house, and very good at it too. But so were the students. This is difficult. I don’t know what to say here exactly.)

Can you see the crackling?

Despite the very elegant surroundings, I couldn’t slice the pork scratching with a knife and fork and so went in with my fingers. Very rewarding, as was the the combination of the pork with  properly sour cranberry – that is how cranberry is supposed to complement a dish, none of this saccharine nonsense you find in turkey sandwiches. 

We probably had to wait a bit longer than normal for the courses, because the students were all in training, but the atmosphere was relaxed and easy to enjoy. That’s despite the fact that I was getting a bit nervous for the students, knowing that they were all just learning. I think on a lighter evening (or better seat) the views over the City would be amazing. 

So thanks to the hard working students at City View, I hope whatever they do to assess you goes well… and I’ll be back…

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