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Three whole years I’ve been cycling past Heap’s Sausages, saying I’d pay a visit, and it’s taken lockdown2 to actually make it. I’d noticed it’s lockdown friendly approach, with a large number of polite people standing by waiting for their order.

There were surprises. The first surprise was that choosing from the menu was much like choosing from a classier looking greasy spoon menu. I had anticipated choosing the sausage type. However this did not lower my expectations.

The second surprise was the quality of the simple cake selection. I apologise for sounding like cake is my raison d’etre, but like, basically it is, and had I realised how good the cake selection would be… Heaps and I would have been acquainted much sooner. 

My husband and I ate our wares in the (extremely) nearby Greenwich Park, kind of relieved that eating in the park is allowed in lockdown2.

Hotdogs, like waffles on Parisian streets are one of those things that for most vendors, give homage to great food, whilst usually failing to deliver great food. Good news… Heap’s ain’t one of them. The Heaps hotdog was phenomenal. The mulled wine side was delicious. The sausage and fried egg bap, went beyond the promise of its name.

Hot dog from Heaps Sausages

Heaps and I should have fallen out. There was no room after the sausage delicacies for the small brownie that I had purchased. And eating when full is really not good. However, I remembered my blogging duty, mindfully located my dessert stomach, and gently nibbled the chocolate crumbs, the mixed chips, the things that make a brownie great. 

Yes. It was worth it. 

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‘Breathtaking’ Awais Khan

‘Engaging and Uplifting’ –  Daily Mail

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