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Beckenham Place (which I have for some reason consistently been referring to as a Palace… c’mon, it has an outdoor swimming lake – that’s palatial) has stolen my heart with a paper cup.

I recklessly ordered a midday mulled wine with my pizza, breaking my ‘lunchtime drinking‘ rule, and my ‘sweet drinks with savoury food‘ rule in one rebellious stroke. The cashier was unfazed and patiently taught us how to collect food and drink in a COVID-appropriate fashion, also instinctively providing my husband with two forks for our Guinness cake – smart man!

I like their queuing system in which your name is called, and there is no one wondering off with your skinny-latte-that’s-so-bespoke how could anyone else think it’s theirs. But most of all I liked what arrived.

(all of this was occurring outside in the open air and so we could have met with four people outside of our household – but we didn’t)

If food blogging was not just a hobby for me, and I was like an influencer, like… I’d have done my nails for this shot. But there we go. I don’t get paid enough.

Do you see that… do you sea the crusting of brown sugar ON A PAPER CUP, and orange trimming. It was utterly delicious as we sipped it in the autumnal sunlight of the courtyard. I finished mine long before we were buzzed for pizzas…

…which I have to say were also really pretty good. According to Homestead’s website these are hand made daily on the premises.

The Guinness cake was gorgeous and moist. Could have been heavier in the cream cheese icing stakes, but not bad. I would have a piccy for you, but it somehow disappeared before I had a moment (like I said, hobbiest, not influencer. I owe no one nothing) My only regret was not also buying a peanut butter brownie.

Don’t forget to order a copy of Helen and the Grandbees based in SE London (use the other sellers option, because Amazon has run out of stock.)

“Engaging and Uplifting” – The Daily Mail

Breathtaking and moving’ Awais Khan, author

Book Cover for Helen and the Grandbees