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The fun part of indoor dining is that you can read the menu before you ‘turn up.’ (Okay, you always could, but I bet you never did). Now you can virtually ‘walk out’ of a disappointing restaurant and no one would get offended.

The downside is that you can get a bit Netflix-Syndromed on your date night. Where do you begin? How do you start? (and why on earth do these delivery companies not let you add restaurants to a favourites folder?)

Lebanese Gourmet had two keywords that solved this problem. Beruity Hummus. Nothing like an intriguing word plus a familiar word to get the taste buds guessing. My guess was this meant Hummus a la Beruit (but that sounds Parisien and a bit capital city muddled. Even I know this). I took the risk and sure enough, a muchly spiced and sauced version of the humble chickpea dip arrived. No idea if this was Beruitian or even Parisien, but it was delicious.

This was one noteworthy component of the mixed starters (always have mixed starters with a middle eastern meal). The other was the falafel. I was just biting into a bit of exceptionally crunchy falafel thinking, this is good falafel, when my husband said, “this is especially good falafel”. How often does that happen?

The entire meal was replete with healthy, well-dressed salads and I have only one complaint…. the lack of a baklava offering at the end.

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‘Breathtaking’ Awais Khan

‘Engaging and Uplifting’ –  Daily Mail