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“Shopping ain’t my bag” A Review of L’orchidea

by blackheathcoffeeshops

A Review of L’Orchidee in Westfield
Shopping ain’t my bag, so you will not be shocked to learn that I have only just visited Westfield in Stratford despite its proximity on public transport. I’m not reviewing Westfield. Suffice to say, it was frustratingly busy, and the Apple Store demonstrated that Apple’s customer service has an inverse relationship to the quality of their products.
However, I did visit a coffee shop. The eating establishments of Westfield are mostly clustered together beneath John Lewis (There are other clusters, but these did not appeal so much), and having ruled out the one with flies on the cakes (who did not seem to understand this was a problem) and the bakery that nearly caught us, but for a lack of seats, we settled for L’Orchidee, it’s exotic teas and flowery cakes.
Stacked creamy-iced cakes are a whole field of cake exploration in their own right.  There may even be a scientific name for this, but I don’t know what it is. We took a long time choosing between the difference colours and promises of flavours. Then we spent a long time waiting for a member of staff to serve us, although when she did she was very charming and friendly.
The teas met expectations, providing beautiful flowers within glass teapots. The selection of teas was not as wide as the selection of cakes, but of course these will lose their flavour after a while, so a stock up of the less ordered items may not be the smartest move.

Exotic tea in Westfield

Our cakes were this green pistachio cake, and this red velvet cake. Look exciting, but tasted completely identical. Which is kind of a shame for all that riot of colour and descriptive ingredients.
Most disappointing was the red velvet cake. I think that someone recently introduce red velvet cake in a big way, and it was excellent, meringuey pastry, cheese cake like icing, and everyone tried to copy it without actually checking the ingredients. Because the red velvet cake at L’Orchidee was the dullest cake I have ever eaten. It was like no one told them what  a red velvet cake really is.

If you are not enjoying a plate of food and you are no starving, then it is not worth the calories within them. The cake was left on the table, thank you very much.
I do like beautifully presented dishes, but food should be about flavour first. L’orchidea totally misses the point.
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