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Readers, we fall out already?! I have now discovered the disappointing side of blogging. I was initially flattered when so many people came and told me that I made them want to eat a Boulangerie Jaaaaade lemon tart. Clearly this enthusiasm rubbed off even on me, as I went to Mara Interiors (who serve Boulangerie Jade cakes while you sit in their rather posh leather seats) this morning to enjoy one… only to discover that despite the labelling, and absence of passion fruit seeds, that it was not lemon; it was passion fruit. Now the owner apologised profusely, I do not believe that this was intentional… but we have to ask ourselves: Would anyone along the supply chain have had to replace lemon tarts with passion fruit if you had not all rushed off to eat them all.. leaving none for me?
We need to establish some ground rules here.
Here’s my suggestion: If I say something is great to eat/visit, by all means rush to try it, but you will need to lobby your local coffee shops for a ‘put aside for the blogger fridge’. At your expense I propose that for all good edible merchandise purchased in SE3 (not to mention SE’s 13, 18, 8 &10) a quarter of it is put aside for Blackheathcoffeeshop’s blog. Otherwise I will have to be left to hanging out in all the instant coffee and margarine cafes, and then where will you all be rushing too?
Ok. I’ve got it off my chest. You’re forgiven. Whaddya think – a blog about Hand Made Food, or Buenos Aires next?