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I’ve been cycling past Park Cafe Honle (that’s ‘Honle’ with an umlaut) in Deptford’s Folkestone gardens for years, just not knowing. It was a day off for a chill that let me discover what a delight was in this modest building next to the skateboard park. And that’s why pictures here are few and far between. I just wasn’t expecting to have such a bloggable experience.

Well, you know me, I wanted cake but I reluctantly ordered slow cooked pork and new potatoes, because it’s generally considered a more sensible option than to have cake for mains, followed by cake for dessert. And I was astonished to be served a generous slice of pork, sitting on a good bed of vegetables and potato. There was not a panini in sight. (In case you are not aware, cafes lose points for panini in a big way. Panini are usually one step away from pre-wrapped muffins. Alright… not always, but often enough just not to risk them).

There is a lovely interior, with cakes and pastries on full display at Park Cafe Honle (that’s ‘Honle’ with an umlaut) but COVID restrictions meant that the entire experience had to be enjoyed on a bench outside.

And then there was the cake part. It’s a rare moment that makes me choose a carrot cake, but look at this

It was as good as it looked, textured and flavoured…. And those green things next to them. Can you see the booze in them? Me neither. Had no idea until I bit into their luscious liquoriness.

I’m sorry, Park Cafe Honle (that’s ‘Honle’ with an umlaut) . I underestimated you.

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