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Alex Morrall, author of Helen and the Grandbees

Legend Press has bagged a “warm and poignant” debut novel exploring identity, race and mental illness by writer and painter Alex Morrall.

The novel will be published on 1st September 2020.

Helen and the Grandbees begins when Helen’s daughter, Lily, tracks her down twenty years after her adoption, and the story unfolds over the years that follow, as we watch Lily raise her own children; Helen’s ‘grandbees’. But when it’s clear her grandbees are in danger, tangled up in her daughter’s damaging relationship, Helen must find the courage to step in, confronting the fears that haunt her the most.

Alex’s agent Philippa Sitters at David Godwin Associates says: “I fell in love with this engaging and moving novel. The characters Alex has drawn live on the margins, she has given them a dignified voice despite their messy lives. This is exactly the sort of book I think we need to be publishing in order to broaden the range of voices we’re reading.”