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So many places in blackheath have been so good at their social distancing that we decided to do the ‘trip before lockdown’ experience, so long as we could be sure it was safe.

Now, a ‘Trip Before Lockdown’ is a very special occasion and should not be undertaken lightly. If a treat is available it should be indulged, because THIS IS THE LAST TIME FOR A MONTH, WHO KNOWS, MAYBE MORE…

That’s right, we visited Boulangerie Jade at the Blackheath Standard and nothing was off the table. Nothing…

So I had a vegetarian breakfast. You know, I never give this credit until it turns up, absolutely bursting with vegetables, slow cooked mixed baked beans, veggie sausages and poached eggs. It’s a real diversion from the same old greasy plate.

Always go vegetarian on this menu.

Treat-dom really kicks in on the dessert front at Jade. I don’t mean a pastry (brekkie) I don’t mean a florentine or nut-cracker (biscuit for your coffee), I mean cream, and maybe sponge or outer-pastry, pastry on the outside only (or submerged in cream) which led me to the rare treat for me of… The Jade Chocolate Moussy Thing (anglicised version of the true name… ah, say it in a fake french accent if that really offends you…)

The Boulangerie Jade Chocolate Moussy Thing

I mean, after that pic, do you really need me to talk about how rich and chocolates it is, how those milk flakes scattered around the dark tempered chocolate…?

Have you ordered my debut novel, HELEN AND THE GRANDBEES yet? Described by the Daily Mail as ‘Engaging and Uplifting’ its the perfect read for an autumn lockdown

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pic courtesy of book_club_mumma