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Let me be perfectly clear. We found ourselves at Grace’s Carribean Cuisine (well, on Just Eat’s website) for one thing and one thing only. Goat Curry. Okay… well, we did add things to that ‘one thing’. It is, after all, hard to turn down Jerk Chicken. But we missed out on the Oxtail. It was a close run thing. Adding a chicken patty was a no-brainier, and what did it mean to order it with with coco bread..? Well if we didn’t order, we wouldn’t find out, so we threw that in too.

Which all led to a takeaway that would span the next two and a half meals (not including breakfast). My only regret was getting the coco bread with the patty’s which seemed strangely unnecessary, and we removed the patty’s from the roll they were in. I ate it with another meal… It proved a little hard to hold on to our health as we indulged.

Not being a fan of yam, we requested green banana and hardfood, neither of which I can summon much opinion on. My husband liked the steamed, not so green, but very pale banana, but I found its consistency hard to digest, and the hard food (boiled dumpling, banana and yam – you must see the picture) was intriguing. Apparently we should have saved that one for breakfast. Don’t judge me. I added green salad as a side. I consider this a privelege of takeaway.

Grater cake and Gizzada for dessert were the two other discoveries of the day. Grater cake is like a more textured cocounut ice… right down to the pink and white colouring, and extremely moreish… leading to eating more grater cake than one might have eaten coconut ice, and gizzada is like a coconut treacle tart… with sugar, rather than treacle. Grace’s tart had the most impressive pastry eaten cold from cellophane in a very long time, crispy and butter. Neither lasted long. That wasn’t intentional…

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