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Thursday is ‘date night’ in our house, a chance for the two of us to spend time together when we might not have seen so much of eachother lately, and to go out for a drink – if not a meal, soak in the vibe…

(I think you may see where I am going here) 

It’s just that social distancing makes both of those scenarios, umm…. less  relevant. But keeping routines and having something in the diary to look forward to is more relevant. 

I used to have a rule of only drinking when I was out to stop me getting grumpy in the evenings. Well, that’s gone out of the window. (Someone catch that rule right now, bring it back and explain the meaning of social distancing to it – nothing should be going out, through windows or any other exits!)

And then i thought… delivery! (I’m not normally a take out kind of girl) And candles! And classical music on the Alexa!

Yes, as you probably guessed, we were washing hands between servings from takeaway boxes on a delicious Turkish delivery.

As evidenced by this blog, there are some pretty special local restaurants for eating, most of whom are staggered by the sudden loss of business, with no money to keep their staff in jobs. However some of these business are switching to delivery in order to save jobs (I checked with one if I should list them, or if they were overwhelmed, and they begged me to publicise).

Here are the links to places that will make for a really great meal who are delivering:

spectacular desserts… maybe they can hear me….?!

Original Review here:

The British Oak:

Peyton and Byrne  are also delivering now

Original Review here:

An old favourite of mine: Sticks  and Sushi  is back open

Original Review here:

Paul Rhodes Bakery

Original Review here:

Little Sparrow Teas Speciality Teas! Now I have yet to order, but these are proper speciality teas, refreshing oolong – none of this ‘I soaked a bunch of cheap tea leaves in vanilla flavouring nonsense’ Darjeeling options. Tea has got many people through many bad times.

Sisimi Taste of Goodness. Thrilled to discover this Nigerian delivery service on the edge of Blackheath. Delicious meal sampled and reviewed here. Find them via Uber Eats

Miss Flits Bakes Vegan treat boxes with cakes and biscuits etc. They’ve proved so popular, Flit’s doing another run this week coming!

Tzigano’s Mediterranean tapas

Original Review:

More Beer at Partizan Beer These are good beers, and both cheerfully packaged and delivered. We had our first delivery.

Occulto (Lewisham) Original review here: (and frankly I am already excited about this one!)

FYI the ordering details are at the end of the wine menu

Takeaway menu:

Wine (offered at retail price):

Buenos Ares Cafe (Blackheath Village):


EatTurkish (East Greenwich) source of last night’s wonder meal.

And if you have children and love beads, don’t forget Beadoir  who are delivering. And fun.

Paul Rhodes Bakery



Avocado Garden:

Great for breakfasts and healthy grains

Lea Valley Foods email for a price lists

Delivery Or pick up of commercially sized essentials including rice, pasta eggs to most of SE London


Coffee delivery, recommended by

The Blackheath Panty (but website ordering still due to be updated. Follow them on twitter for updates)

Brockleybrewery (self explanatory, although I misread free delivery as free beer and thought this had to be a April 1st for a minute!)

Plumsteadshire http://Common rioters More beer delivery

Theatre of Wine phone 8858 6363

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Described as “beautiful,” “engaging and moving” with  “echoes of Nathan Filer’s The Shock of the Fall and the warmth and poignancy of Sarah Winman.” Giving characters on the margins “a dignified voice despite their messy lives.”