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Morning all!

This is just a quick note to say I can see lots of people are hitting the blog when I normally publish on a Saturday morning only to be disappointed that I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks… Apologies… this is because I had a freak accident on my bike and I have a very smashed in and dislocated elbow at the moment and I will be in a cast for a very long time!!!

However I do have plans to try and make sure that the Blackheath reviewing continues.. including guest blogs and experimenting with audio material so do keep checking in. I’ve got lots to report on and some wonderful takeaway is with newly discovered that lockdown three and wanna share with you. I also have some exciting plans for improving the visual quality of the blogs.

In the meantime if you haven’t already, do check out my novel ‘Helen and the Grandbees.” It adresses much more serious topics and then the blog but ultimately with the same sense of humour and with the key message of hope: