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There are two types of people in this world, those who like mille-feuille, and those who don’t. 

Okay well, maybe there are three types, those who don’t like mille-feuille, those who do like it, and those who would like it if it was easier to eat. 

Cos there’s a lot to like. It’s pretty; it gathers together fans of pastry and custard and admirers of the ‘craftsmanship’ involved in its creation.

I’d been trying to kick in my Boulangerie Jade habit until discovering it proves a settling treat after regular and painful visits to St Thomas’s fracture ward. Forget codeine. Pastry and cream is the drug that will get me through.

And I discovered that while some may find mille-feuille a little on the sweet side, the real drawback of mille-feuille is the fact that it cannot be nibbled. Despite its delicacy, it can only be gobbled. The exquisite layers of completely mismatched densities mean a single bite is a precursor to total collapse. Even as a person known to inhale my food, this seems to be a major flaw, and the main reason that I have no photo of last week’s mille-feuille.

Instead, I have a photo of the superior (yep, I don’t sit on the fence me) Paris-Brest. Choux pastry and praline cream. In the case of the Jade Paris-Brest, this pretty much means solid praline cream. You will not need to eat for the rest of the day…

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‘Engaging and Uplifting’ –  Daily Mail

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