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I was a bit cynical about The Spicery before I was gifted a subscription. I already have a whole cupboard door of spices… plus a drawer of kilner jars… plus things lying, y’know, around. However, when the first box arrived, pre-mixed with a sachet for each main, side and dessert it looked a whole lot more appealing. You get to swap your spice box if you like and despite not being vegetarian, patties and gingerbread were too hard to resist. My husband was cook. He hums as he cooks

Apparently patties were invented when Cornish explorers took Cornish pasties to Jamaica and the locals adapted them to their taste. This seems a vast improvement on when it occured the other way round and coronation chicken was invented. When I compliment the pastry on the patty, I’m probably complimenting my husband’s incredibly fine cooking of said pastry but the delicate spices in the pastry wrapped around vegetarian pasty were pretty good. My husband was a little reticent to embrace the vegetarian option, saying he’d prefer jerk chicken in his pastry but I thought it was delicious with pulses.

Being slightly healthily inclined we made the coleslaw with low fat yogurt instead of thick fatty mayo. We only have ourselves to blame.

The gingerbread recipe turned out light and fluffy especially when recently out of the oven. The only disappointment was a lack of gingeriness… possibly because it followed the hot the mango sauce.

However, we did get to scrape the crust from the cake tin, an eating at home luxury that should be emulated by gourmet restaurants.


‘Engaging and Uplifting’ –  Daily Mail

‘Breathtaking’ Awais Khan


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