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The biggest concern in Luciano’s, as we sat on the Burnt Ash Road, warding off insistent sunshine, and occasionally seat swapping to escape it, was whether we should order mussels in arrabbiata sauce or lemon. When we eventually received the mussels in arrabbiata sauce, they came with a lemon on the side and we considered that maybe we should not have spent so much time considering mussels when we were going to follow them up with wood-fired pizza and probably dessert. Somehow this did not stop us relishing the high notes of chilli and lemon combined with the mussel flavour.

I ordered a mojito from the charming staff, as the sun beat down.

Pizzas ordering is becoming an issue for me. For such an obsession with different tastes, I have a surprising simple pizza need: margherita, perhaps with basil leaves strewn across, but increasingly with the need of some strong chilli, either in the form of chilli oil, or in nduja if this can been done… and normally it cannot. So I ordered margherita, and swapped greedy slices with my husband. Luciano’s pizzas are pretty special, with crinckled blistering edges and fire-devoured toppings.

The waitress recommended the limoncello mousse (okay, strictly speaking, I don’t think it was a mousse, but it was a moussy thing with an Italian name, but it was a special, so I can’t go back and check the menu). My husband chose tiramisu, and… well…. I did enjoy the mousse, but I think I would recommend a limoncello tiramisu hybrid if I was pressed to say what was the better dessert. It need layers, and sponge and more aggravated sense of alchohol.

Kind of not complaining though. Why is eating out so much better than eating in?

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