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In my long search of trying to find reasons to be cheerful in lockdown with ice and a very badly broken arm, I encountered the Riding House Cafe, normally based in Fitrozia was now delivering. I did not know what sort of food experience to expect –  the packages however offered cocktails, brunches and roasts… Nothing too cheap though….

My package turned up 4 pm on Thursday as promised in a strangely enticing white box with handles… just in time for tonight’s dinner- not so early I haven’t started worrying (They do recommend a days leeway in case of courier difficulties). 

I’d selected the roast option and also a Negroni on the side.

The joy of the main course, (which was as described, essentially ‘a roast,’) was many  side dishes. It was actually remarkably healthy. A delightfully astringent lemon sauce, corn and kale, pumpkin macaroni and chicken was served without falling into the trap of being too sweet.

The sticky date pudding was warm and to be honest we managed to share one between two and save one for the next day. The five spice Negroni, despite being an additional £28, was accompanied by with instructions that were complete to the point of getting the best temperature and dilution of what was a pretty strong mix… further seasoned with an orange blossom spray. My suspicion is the precision in these instructions resulted in a considerably superior drink to the many the other postal cocktail options. This was a cocktail bar price for a cocktail bar standard.

Sticky date pudding from the riding house café

Once the cocktails were added and £12:99 paid for delivery, I would call the price of this meal steep. That said, I would repeat the experience for a special treat and the chicken lasted us a few meals.  



‘Engaging and Uplifting’ –  Daily Mail

‘Breathtaking’ Awais Khan