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I may have mentioned before that despite my lactose intolerance, and tacky food intolerance (self diagnosed) that when I find the rare cheesecake that is good, I think it one of the best foods ever. (Nod to you, ‘champagne & fromage’.)

Spiced Apple Cheesecake at Copper & Ink

And I have found that once in 3 year discovery, here at ‘Copper and Ink’:

Creamy and spicy with contrasting freshness of apple. Okay so cooked apple ain’t so fresh – but in comparison to solid cream cheese… y’know.

See the red wine ice cream on the side there…? Also good, and none of this ‘let’s load up the plate so that the customer will be too full to notice the shocking quality’ business.

Oh yeah, the mains were enjoyable. No, they really were. I was quite jealous of my husband’s beef dish that wasn’t as heavy as I expected. Wines were alright. Service was a little bizarre, but we think they put the trainees on early in the evening.

Roast beef at Copper & Ink

So yep – Copper and Ink and cheesecake and me. A new friendship blossoms, stars in my eyes and all that, followed by the memory that I’m not actually supposed to eat cheese…

On other news from me: my debut novel set in South East London “Helen and the Grandbees” has been picked up by Legend Press and is now available for pre-order here

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Helen and The Grandbees