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A review of Kwan’s Cuisine in Lee.
I wouldn’t normally put Japanese in a list of foods that I might enjoy in takeaway form. I am not fond of sushi, unless dieting and confident of the quick food with controllable calories, but some friends recently introduced us to a Kwan’s Cuisine in Lee.
We started with duck pancake, which is such a clear winner of a dish it is impossible to judge a shop by the quality of its duck pancake. (Am I repeating myself?)
This was followed by a dish of sashimi, that I really don’t feel qualified to opine on (like all sushi it was cold and the wasabi paste and ginger were hot.)
And then we moved on to these interesting outcomes:

Now I picked a curry based dish, because I like curry a lot, and this ticked the box, livening up what would otherwise have been rather a dull breaded chicken. (Top left)
I had hoped to present a photo of one of the dishes that should have been with egg. Egg and rice is a very good combination, and eggs on the whole are really fabulous things as I have noted before. But I had to eat dish without the egg, as the party who ordered this dish ordered it especially for the egg and kept the egg all to himself. This man has much common sense.
It turns out that most of the orders we were responsible for were actually Chinese. Our friends who introduced us to this takeaway kindly declined to point out our failure to extend our culinary knowledge but we were pretty happy.
Chinese and Japanese Food
169-171 Lee High Road
SE13 5PQ
Open 6 days a week (evenings only)